Web Design Projects

Right now I've been working on sharpening my HTML/CSS skills, and someday I might design webpages for a small cost or maybe free as a hobby, but I want to get better at it first. This website isn't my prettiest, but it's my only one that's currently online and the only one that I've written so far using a combination of HTML and CSS. Here are some photos of other sites I've built but havent launched:

This site served me well as the third version of this site, and it is one of my better works. I have reverted to the current site until V4 has been completed.

The original Planet Haywalk Site. It has some '90s-esque charm, but I think the current site is more functional, and definately easier on the eyes. (Space-Jam Background :3)

A site I built for my friend who does Graphic Designs. At the time I couldn't figure out how to get it online, so he went with a template site instead. It' very simple, and with my new CSS knowledge I could have done a far better job, but it looks clean and I like it.

I learned HTML from a school course my that friend sent me, and I'll put it on the Downloads page. I don't know who wrote it, but it's for educational purposes so it's probably alright to give out. I learned CSS from W3schools.