Web Design

Right now I've been working on sharpening my HTML/CSS skills, and I'd consider making websites for a small fee, or possibly even free if it's that simple a site. This site is one of my better sites, and one of my few sites currently online. Here is a small portfolio of some of my work:

- The first image is of a site that I made for a friend who
   does Graphic Design work. However, when I made it, I
  didn't know how to put it online, so the friend ended up
  using a professional website-making service instead.

- The second image is of this site in it's original form. It
  was my first site to use CSS! Nostalgic, but this site is
  far better.

- The third is the super-legacy version of this site, and the
  second site I ever made. Groovy, eh?

- The fourth is of a template I made for a sleeker, more
   modern website. It was my first to incorporate
   JavaScript (for the slideshow), and looks sort of like
   something someone would pay to have done (though I
   do say it myself).

If you've got requests or a business offer, contact me via the homepage sidebar. No guarantees!